Hey! Listen!

In Composition last year, Mark made us a lengthy listening list of mostly new music every week. I don’t think I’ll be that prolific, but I figured I’d throw out some inspiration. Everything on here has some direct connection to recent articles in Sequenza 21.

Kinan Azmeh’s CityBand (article). Azmeh is a Syrian composer who studied at Juilliard; he’s both a composer/performer and the leader of CityBand. The first link is CityBand performing (piece title not listed), and the second is a composition of Azmeh’s dedicated to “all those who have fallen in Syria in the last year.”



Caroline Shaw’s Partita for 8 Voices (article). This piece won the Pulitzer last year, though the S21 article is about how John Adams should stop taking potshots at young composers in NY Times articles (Inception, anyone?), and is only probably referring to Shaw. Listen to the piece anyway, relevant or no.

Ozvaldo Golijov’s The Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind. Article is again unrelated (more klezmer fun), but below is the prelude to this quintet. Read the composer’s notes about the piece here.


Sean Hickey’s Avatar (article). He’s described as a new classicist, the product of what the world might sound like had mathematicians not found their way into music academia in the ’50s (article says it way better – click the link to get the full weight of a well-constructed sentence). Linked is the third movement of Avatar, which isn’t what the article mentions, but is what the internet can provide me in full.


Oscar Bettison’s B&E with aggravated assault. This is totally unrelated to S21; I wanted to mention it because this is what I played while we were packing up on Monday and it’s too fun not to include. Oscar visited our Composition class last semester, brought the score, and had us hear this. Listen at Bandcamp!

Mary Paige’s Stuff

Flight Pattern

Insert Flower Name Here Ya Hipsters

Into The Arctic Water You Go

The Little Fairy That Went to My High School

She Likes Sheep And Honey


So, here’s a bunch of stuff I’ve thought up, but haven’t actually scored.  All of them are solo guitar pieces that I wrote in high school except for the last one, which is my drummer and me playing a jam I wrote last semester (quality isn’t that great).  I do plan to score all these suckers once I get the time.